Mapping Value

Circle+ is a data company offering software & strategy-as-a-service solutions to startups in Africa. We boast a proprietary & validated data-base of about 6,000 startups, 6,000 founder profiles, 1,500 investors, 1,250 startup focused journalists, 50 tech hubs and capture over $10B in investments.

Intelligence Portal

We envision a future where African startups are built on Circle+ and we are just getting started. Our intelligence portal is designed to serve as the foundation stone for founders to build innovative businesses on top of our data stack.

Analytical Tools

Circle+ Functions are collection of over 100 data analytical tools in the form of charts, widgets, filters and more that helps our users discern the underlying data.

Data Visualization

Our dashboards contain a set of tabs that are specialized to match the strategic objectives of early-stage startup founders in Africa.

Expert Support

Our dedicated expert support comprising of data scientists and research analysts are committed to further enhance and compliment the offerings of our technology.

Core Features

Circle+ has a variety of core features that help you build your startup on top of our data stack.

Data Dashboards

Our dashboards are designed to help you get faster access to relevant data while equipping you with capabilities for self-service data preparation to help you alleviate bottlenecks.

Due Diligence

Our monthly due diligence reports are crucial for helping our users develop and tracking strategies further upstream. They are also a great addition to your data room when fund raising.


Our monthly introductory pricing packages allow founders to access the portal at a price that is 5X less than existing equivalent platforms as we are considerate of startups which often have limited resources.
Pay monthly for unlimited portal access with the option to
cancel at any time.

Circle+ Lite


  • Unlimited intelligence portal access with supporting analytical functions.

  • Access to our startup industry benchmark ratings.

  • Customizable industry spotlight tab complete with a seamless data integration.

Circle+ Elite


  • Unlimited intelligence portal access with supporting analytical functions.

  • Access to our startup industry benchmark ratings.

  • Monthly auto-generated due diligence report with dedicated expert support.

From the desk of Circle+

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At Circle+, culture means fetching the future before it happens. In order for us to earn in the future, we must live in the future. We also strive to create an environment where excellence is expected. If you're data nerd wanting to apply state-of-the-art research, software engineering or analysis then we genuinely don't think there is a better place for you because we are a small team that ships, we have data no one else has, we are building a large distribution, and we are deploying a product that is designed for deep tech.

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